Virginia continues to lead the nation with sweeping
Democratic victories in our off-year elections! 


November 5, 2019, Virginia flipped both the House and Senate to Democratic control. For the first time in more than 2 decades, the legislature will be led by Democrats, including our Speaker-elect, Delegate Eileen Filler Corn, the first woman to hold the role of Speaker in our 400 year history, and our first female and first African American Majority Leader- Elect Delegate Charniele Herring!

What that really means is now we can protect women's health and civil rights, invest in schools, pass the ERA and sensible gun laws. We can set the stage for the country in 2020.


Overall, we picked up six seats in the House, giving us 55 seats to the Republican's 45 come January. In the Senate, we flipped two seats, taking the balance to 21 Democrats, 19 Republicans.


While election results will not be final until November 18th, Virginia’s List salutes our candidates who have won or are in undecided races, including our four Red-to-Blue flips:

Nancy Guy (HD 83), 
Martha Mugler (HD 91), 
Shelly Simonds  (HD 94), and Ghazala Hashmi (SD 10),


and our House and Senate retention seat victories: 

Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD 2),

Wendy Gooditis (HD 10), 
Danica Roem (HD 13), 

Kelly Fowler (HD 21),
Elizabeth Guzman (HD 31), 

Kaye Kory (HD 38), 
Vivian Watts (HD 39),

Eileen Filler-Corn (HD 41), 
Kathy Tran (HD 42),

Charniele Herring (HD 46), 
Hala Ayala (HD 51), 

Sally Hudson (HD 57), 
Karrie Delaney (HD 67), 
Dawn Adams (HD 68), 
Betsy Carr (HD 69), 
Cia Price (HD 95), 

Jennifer McClellan (SD 9), Janet Howell (SD 32), and Jennifer Boysko (SD 33).


The spark that ignited the January 21 Women’s March
fired up a movement in Virginia


Election night in Virginia showed the impact of women who run, the women who support them and how a grassroots effort inspired record numbers of voters on Tuesday, November 7th. Women voters turned out for candidates who support equality.


Democrats nearly doubled the number of women serving in the House of Delegates. All of the 12 Democratic incumbent women are winners and an additional 10 Democratic women challengers defeated Republicans with two more races still undecided.


While election results are not final, Virginia’s List salutes our candidates who have won or are in undecided races, including Jennifer Foy (HD 2),Wendy Gooditis (HD 10),Danica Roem (HD 13), Kelly Fowler (HD 21), Elizabeth Guzman (HD 31),Kathy Tran (HD 42), Hala Ayala (HD 51),Karrie Delaney (HD 67),Dawn Adams (HD 68),Debra Rodman (HD 73), Cheryl Turpin (HD 85), and Shelley Simonds (HD 94).

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