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Join Our Victory Council! 

We know many of you want to be more involved in electing women to our General Assembly but don't really know where to start. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to become a regular financial supporter of our PAC. Monthly contributions are as easy as a weekly cup of coffee, and add up in a big way. Larger annual gifts give us the flexibility to infuse cash into a campaign without having to wait for dollars to come in. Both are extremely valuable.

Our board is made up of activists, philanthropists and seasoned political professionals. We take all of the guesswork out of whom to support by evaluating each race on all of

VLVC Membership Card Front.JPG

the merits and making our endorsements.Then we write as many checks as we can to bundle your smaller dollars into larger, more impactful gifts. 


We have launched the Virginia's List Victory Council (VLVC) to ensure that we have the funds to make these larger gifts, often making the difference on Election Day. 

With a gift of at least $19 a month ($228 a year or more), you can become a member of our Victory Council – complete with special perks – in addition to knowing that your contribution will help create and sustain a new majority in both houses of the general assembly led by women. 


Your gift will allow us to invest in even more women who have the opportunity to win, but need a little last minute boost to buy more literature, shoot one more ad, or staff one more phone bank. We know each of these items cost money, and together, we can deliver funds to the women around the state working so hard to defend our rights and build stronger communities. 

When you join the VLVC you are investing in women's leadership for our Commonwealth. We are saying thank you in a few ways: 

  • You will receive a wallet-sized membership card so you can show off your commitment to equality;

  • You will be invited to special events, like our Richmond Swearing In event celebrating all of the women YOU helped elect;

  • You can join our special VLVC-only quarterly Battleground Virginia briefing with updates about on-the-ground activities. 

This is an opportunity for you to step up to the plate and be a member of this very special group. 


Click HERE and sign up for a one time gift of $228 or more, or monthly gifts of at least $19. That's it - your in!

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