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Now more than ever.
There's never been a more important time to help Virginia's List elect pro-choice Democratic women leaders to the Virginia General Assembly.

In 2017, we changed the face of the Democratic Caucus. In 2019, we flipped BOTH houses. Now, we're looking to take back the House. Virginia's List is ready for 2023, and our endorsement process has begun!

We Help Women Win

Founded in 2015, Virginia's List helps Democratic, pro-choice women win state office.

What have we done so far? The spark that ignited the January 21, 2017 Women’s March fired up a movement in Virginia that's still going strong. 

In 2017, we nearly doubled the number of women in the Virginia House Democratic Caucus. In 2019, we held those seats, flipped both houses and picked up three in the Senate and for the first time in 400 years, elected women as Speaker and as Majority Leader. 

In 2019, we helped build the majority in the House of Delegates and increase numbers in the Senate. We were able to elect the first woman Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader and President Pro Temps of the Senate.

In 2021, 25% of the House of Delegates were Democratic women, but we know we can and must do better. Our sights are now set on 2023.

We need to send more Democratic women to Richmond.


It's simple. Women are underrepresented in Virginia leadership. 

When we started this: 

  • Women made up only 19% of the Virginia General Assembly even though we're 51% of the population, and only 14% of those legislators are Democratic women.

  • Virginia was ranked 32nd in the country for the number of women elected to state office.

  • Virginia had never elected a female governor, lieutenant governor, or U.S. Senator. This is still true in 2022.

Virginia's List can help Virginia do better.


The Virginia's List PAC (Political Action Committee) knows all Virginians benefit when women have a voice and equal representation.

We provide the critical resources Democratic women need when they run for office in Virginia, but we can only do that with your support.

Want to Join Virginia's List?


We'd love you to help us elect more female Democrats in Virginia because you have the power to make a difference. How?

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