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Virginia's List Announces 2021 Primary Endorsements


May 10, 2021

Virginia’s List Endorses 2021 Primary Candidates

The Democratic PAC is committed to ensuring that women win statewide

Alexandria, Va. -- Virginia’s List today announced that it has endorsed all four women running for statewide office and 24 women running for the House of Delegates.

“In the more than 400 years of our Commonwealth, we have never had a woman governor. We have only had one woman who served in statewide office, and despite our recent gains in the General Assembly, women make up only 30 percent of our legislature,” said Julie Jakopic, the Chair of Virginia's List.

“It is time for this to change. We have four outstanding, experienced women running statewide this year and we are committed to ensuring that a woman wins a statewide seat.”

Senator Jennifer McClellan and Delegate Jennifer Carrol Foy have both earned endorsements in the race for Governor. The PAC has also endorsed both Delegate Hala Ayala and Norfolk City Council member Andria McClellan in the Lt Governor’s race.

“These women have stepped forward in order to bring their expertise and experience to serve the Commonwealth. Each of them are trailblazers in their own right, and we applaud their commitment to public service,” Jakopic added.

Additionally, Virginia’s List has endorsed rising star Katie Sponsler running in the 66th District and the following incumbents:

Candi Mundon King, District 2

Wendy Gooditis, District 10

Danica Roem, District 13

Kelly Convirs-Fowler, District 21

Elizabeth Guzman, District 31

Kathleen Murphy, District 34

Kaye Kory, District 38

Vivian Watts, District 39

Eileen Filler Corn, District 41

Kathy Tran, District 42

Charniele Herring, District 46

Sally Hudson, District 57

Lashrecse Aird, District 63

Karrie Delaney, District 67

Dawn Adams, District 68

Betsy Carr, District 69

Delores McQuinn, District 70

Nancy Guy, District 83

Angelia Williams Graves, District 90

Martha Mugler, District 91

Jeion Ward, District 92

Shelly Simonds, District 94

Marcia Price, District 95


Media Contact:

Deshundra Jefferson

8 | Eighty Strategies, LLC

(703) 625-7700


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