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Record Number of Women Candidates Running In Virginia in 2017

A record number of women are running for Democratic seats in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, and Virginia’s List looks forward to supporting these women as they campaign to make a difference for every resident in the Commonwealth.

As of the end of March, 109 Democratic House of Delegate candidates have filed to run in 81 districts, including all 17 Republican-held districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2106. A record 52 of these candidates are women!

Some Democrats will face primary challenges on June 13 and there are multiple districts where more than one woman is seeking the Democratic nomination, plus candidates may drop out of the race before the primary. But no matter what happens, we’ll have an unprecedented number of women on the ballot in November.

Support Women Candidates in Virginia

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance there’s a woman running in your district or a district near you, so volunteer and help her if you can!

Of course, one of the easiest ways to help women candidates running in Virginia is donating to Virginia’s List. We pool money from donors like you and invest in progressive candidates.

The Value of Virginia's List

Delegate Jennifer Boysko, D-86th, who represents parts of Fairfax and Loudoun counties, benefitted from our support in the 2015 election. At our Richmond fundraiser in February, she talked about what Virginia’s List meant to her. “I couldn’t get most people to give me a thousand dollars. I had to go for those small donations and that meant I had to spend seven hours every day on the phone begging people, ‘Can you do $250. Can you do 150?’”

With money from Virginia’s List supporters, these women candidates can focus more of their time on the campaign trail gathering votes instead of on the phone soliciting donations. Donate to Virginia’s List today!

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Women legislators in Virginia.

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