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Virginia's List Announces 2023 Primary Endorsements

Virginia’s List Endorses 2023 Primary Candidates

The Democratic PAC is committed to ensuring that women win and that abortion rights are protected across the Commonwealth

Alexandria, Va. -- Virginia’s List today announced that it has endorsed 33 women running for the General Assembly, 19 in the House of Delegates and 14 in the Senate before the June Primary.

“Governor Youngkin has been all over the national media and told us the plan: anti-abortion forces in the General Assembly will come for an abortion ban,” said Lateisha Garrett, the Chair of Virginia's List.

“Virginians need fighters in the General Assembly who will stand up against the Governor and his anti-choice minions. That’s why we are proud to endorse this first slate of extraordinary, experienced women running for office who will protect the freedoms that all Virginians deserve including body autonomy."

Virginia’s List endorsed candidates represent the true diversity of the state. They span from Southwest to Northern Virginia. They are organizers, accountants, educators, nonprofit leaders, nurses, and more. They are challengers and incumbents. The women we endorse represent the racial, economic, and religious diversity of the Commonwealth. Yet they have one thing in common, a deep commitment to progressive, pro-choice values including protecting women’s equality and reproductive freedom.

“Virginians are ready to elect people who will protect their rights, not restrict them. The women we have endorsed represent the opportunity to take back the House of Delegates and expand the Blue Wall in the Senate to not only protect abortion rights but other progressive values that will help our communities thrive,” Garrett finished.

The PAC adds to its previous endorsements of Amy Laufer in HD 55 and Lashrecse Aird in SD 13.

Adele McClure, HD02

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, HD05

Holly Seibold, HD12

Vivian Watts, HD14

Laura Jane Cohen, HD15

Kathy Tran, HD18

Michelle Maldonado, HD20

Atoosa Reaser, HD27

Lily Franklin, HD41

Susanna Gibson, HD57

Shelly Simonds, HD70

Debra Gardner, HD76

Betsy Carr, HD78

Rae Cousins, HD79

Destiny LeVere Bolling, HD80

Delores McQuinn, HD 81

Kimberly Pope Adams, HD82

Marcia Price, HD85

Jade Harris, SD03

Patricia White-Boyd, SD04

Katie Gooch, SD14

Ghazala Hashmi, SD15

Louise Lucas, SD18

Mamie Locke, SD23

Elizabeth Guzman, SD29

Danica Roem, SD30

Russet Perry, SD31

Heidi Drauschak, SD35

Stella Pekarsky, SD36

Jennifer Boysko, SD38

Barbara Favola, SD40


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