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I Made A Promise

Four years ago, I was one of the women running for office. I did well, but didn’t win -- so I made a commitment.

I promised that by 2019 we would take back the House and Senate here in Virginia by Democratic women flipping seats.

In 2017 we nearly did it; we fell one seat short. This year, we can win.

With your help, I can keep my promise. There are more than 60 Democratic women on ballot this year. We have the candidates to make this happen.

Next week, Virginia’s List will begin looking at all of the data for all the races in order to make endorsements. But, we know that endorsements are more powerful when accompanied by an investment. We need your help to raise the funds to help these women win.

If you’re in Northern Virginia and are able to join us on Wednesday, April 24th for our event with Gene Rossi, we’d love to see you. If you’re not, please consider donating in lieu of attendance. Your funds will help these women take back our House and Senate.

Help me keep my promise, and bring Virginia's representation to parity. Together, we can do it, and together we must: our future is at stake.


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